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Ryan Manoogian
USA🇺🇸  -  Libero  -  185cm
Hometown: Los Angeles, California


Ryan has extensive experience playing in Europe. He played in all 3 CEV events: the CEV Challenge Cup, CEV Cup, & CEV Champions League. He competed in 6 different countries: Hungary, Norway, two seasons in Finland, Romania, Portugal, & Germany. In the 2018 Hungarian Cup Final, he was the team's MVP - the first libero in Hungarian Cup Final history to win the award. After the 2019 Norwegian season, he was named Norwegian Viking Player of the Year. In Finland during 2019/2020 season, according to Mestaruusliiga individual stats, he finished number 1 on the libero reception chart - [] (2019/2020 Best Receiver). In 2021, his Romanian team and him won the Romanian SuperCup for the first time in club history, and vice-champion 🥈 in the Romanian league. In the summer 2022, his NVA team Las Vegas Rambler and him won the championship 🥇 in the NVA USA. In autumn 2022, his Portuguese team and him also won the Portuguese SuperCup for the first time in club history as well. His Portuguese club finished bronze 🥉 in the 2023 CEV Challenge Cup - the highest ranking in the club history, and vice-champion 🥈 in the Portuguese league. In 2024, his German team and him won the silver medal 🥈 in the German Cup for the first time & highest ever in the German club's history. He was born in Santa Monica, California and played & studied at Long Beach State University in California. During his tenure at Long Beach State, he was coached by Alan Knipe, who was the 2012 US Olympic Men's Volleyball head coach. Click on "Resume" to see more of his accomplishments. 



Ryan was born profoundly deaf in both ears. He uses small hearing aids and relies on lip-reading to communicate with players & coaches, just like David Smith, the deaf middle blocker on the USA's National Men's Volleyball team. Ryan had a speech therapist for 15+ years to learn how to orally communicate. Ryan is currently a member of the USA Deaf National Men's Volleyball team. He was the 2016 Deaf Pan-Am Best Receiver & competed in the 2017 Samsun Turkey Deaflympics. He will be competing in the 2024 Deaf World Championship in Okinawa, Japan in June 2024. Watch the video to learn more about him &: 

Article from WWK Volleys Herrsching 🇩🇪:

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